Foodgrain storage capacity of 151 lakh tons to be built in 19 states

To strengthen the functional areas, like Quality Control, Storage etc., the Government carried out the organizational restructuring of FCI in the year 2010. Further to reduce the storage under Cover and Plinth (CAP), the Government formulated a Scheme for construction of storage godowns through private entrepreneurs, Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) and State Warehousing Corporations (SWCs).

Under the scheme, the Food Corporation of India would now give a guarantee of ten years for assured hiring to the private entrepreneurs. A capacity of about 151 lakh tonnes is to be created in 19 states under the scheme through private entrepreneurs and Central and State Warehousing Corporations. Out of this tenders have been finalized for creation of storage capacity of about 89 lakh tonnes as on 15.02.2012 by the private entrepreneurs. CWC and SWCs are constructing 5.4 and 14.75 lakh tonnes respectively under the Scheme, out of which a capacity of about 5 lakh tonnes has already been completed by CWC/SWCs.

Various steps are taken by FCI to prevent damage to foodgrains. Prophylactic and curative measures are carried out regularly for the control of insects/pests. Effective rodent control measures are also undertaken. Regular quality checks are conducted to ensure proper preservation of foodgrains in storage. Adequate dunnage is provided for the foodgrain stocks stored in CAP. The dunnage material is cleaned and disinfected. To protect the CAP stocks from rain, sun, etc. each stack is covered with a polythene cover. The polythene covers are tied with nylon ropes. Wheat stocks stored in CAP by the State Govts/Agencies are subjected to joint inspection on a regular basis by officers of FCI and the concerned State Govts./Agencies. Stocks are generally issued on the principle of “First in First Out” (FIFO).

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