We Innovate: eCommerce format

We find customers want flexibility even when they shop online. We may customize the services like  "click & collect". Customers can browse on  and select their items and place the order online. The order is put together and kept ready for collection by the customer at a defined  location. the customer can simply drive in and collect the shopping and be on their way. But, there are some challenges which allow customers to browse the site in multiple languages, allow for the site to be hosted across multiple data centers, be flexible enough to support variations in business processes, and product data and legal/compliance requirements of each country.

Instead of you  typing the product’s name and searching for it on website, buyers can  just speak out the product and get the various options. For instance, one can just say apple and the application will list out the variety of  apple to choose from. But we need to  work on the voice accuracy. Lets, you browse recipes and directly add any of  your shopping basket, so all ingredients required for the recipe are automatically added to your list at one click.

At the same time you intend to know the history or chronological order of production/cultivation/processing and storation of a product chosen by you, it’s all just a click away. That gives you comfort and understanding on the complete back end and its purity.  for an example, We provide you the complete information and credentials while buying and organic food..

Lot more innovations to come which serve you with your comfort..keep reading at 

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