We need to raise the Global Sugar Output

Global sugar production needs to be increased by 28 million tonnes (mt ) to 200 mt by 2020 to meet rising demand. Currently, we have a production of 172 million tonnes. We have to increase production by 28 mt. It is a tremendous task.
Demand is expected to increase in China and Africa, where consumption is much lower than the world per capita average of 24 kg per annum. While China’s sugar consumption is 10-11 kg, Africa’s consumption is lower. India’s sugar consumption is around 19 kg per annum. India is the world’s second biggest sugar producer after Brazil, and the largest consumer. The country is expected to produce 25.2 mt this year, as against the domestic demand of 22 mt.

On India’s flip-flop sugar export policy, We understand the responsibility of the Indian government to supply sugar to domestic consumers. Therefore, it is not an easy fix and progress is slow. India has allowed export of 3 Million Tonnes this year, of which the government is yet to notify one million tonne. On decontrol of Indian sugar industry,  ISO doesn't interfere in domestic policy... the responsibility of the government is very high. Its highly  appreciated their caution in deregulation.

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