Mobile Apps User Data Deletion Procedure 

Targeted Android Mobile Apps on Google Playstore:

  1. GrainBank Farmer
  2. GrainBank Buyer
  3. Ergos Champion

Steps to take to request personal user data deletion on the above listed Mobile Apps: 

  1. Compose an email to address:
  2. Subject: Write the Mobile App name in the subject with a suffix: Data deletion request. Please refer the example: GrainBank Farmer – Data deletion request.
  3. In the content body of the email, please mention your phone number or username which you use to sign-in to the mobile app.
  4. Send the email to the above mentioned address:

Type of Data maintained and retained on GrainBank Platform:

  1. User sign-in information
  2. User profile information like personal details – address, land information, harvest information, business specific information etc.
  3. User Transactions information
  4. User location information

This data is preserved and utilised till the user account is active on the platform.