Know the advantages For Buyer

Doing Business Digitally

“Our platform serves as a gateway, providing access to 1.5 lakh farmers and offering access to a substantial quantity of 2 million metric tons of grains. Our commitment to everyday low-price offers ensures affordability and accessibility for all buyers involved.

To empower seamless transactions, we introduce a novel approach by facilitating zero upfront fund purchase orders, allowing immediate and hassle-free SPOT purchases. Further enhancing the transactional efficiency, we ensure lightning-fast fund movement both inward and outward, leveraging the efficiency of Razorpay Payment gateway.

Buyers leveraging our platform are entitled to pre-approved loan amounts, each valued at 10 crores, simplifying and expediting the procurement process. Additionally, our user-friendly interface enables users to effortlessly download statements at their convenience. Lastly, our system ensures a super-easy bill settlement process, streamlining the entire transactional experience for our valued users.”